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Hi there, I’m Chaunté! I’m the writer/recipe developer here at The GERD Chef.


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I’m here to share healthy and tasty meals created for those who suffer from symptoms of GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease (aka GERD). My hope is for others who experience chronic reflux (or just tummy troubles in general) to have access to an abundance of recipes & meal inspiration. Of course, my recipes are not JUST for people who have acid reflux, but also for anyone who wants to live a heathier lifestyle.



My Story


I’ve had symptoms of acid reflux since childhood (of course, I was unaware it was GERD at the time), but I wasn’t officially diagnosed until after having my daughter. Around that time, I was having issues with my food getting stuck while trying to swallow, along with unrelenting nausea, coughing, irritability because I felt miserable, dental issues, etc). I had no idea why this was happening and felt lost when I was given little instruction by my doctor on how to manage my symptoms.



I decided to take Zantac, an H2 blocker, that blocks histamine receptors, reducing the production of acid. This provided a little symptom relief, but it was more of a bandaid than anything. It wasn’t until November of 2016 that I decided to dig deep to find out what the root cause(s) of my symptoms were; it was time to make some changes to my diet and lifestyle.



Here is what has helped me over time:

  • limiting foods that ferment in the stomach and that are hard to digest
  • being more aware of how I’m eating, how much, and when
  • implementing practices that help improve gut health
  • learning to manage stress/anxiety


Check out my Top Tips for People with GERD post to learn more about how I’m healing.



To track my progress while healing, I decided to make an Instagram page, @thegerdchef, (which originally started off as my food diary/log). This was a way for me to not only hold myself accountable with these new changes, but hopefully help others who might be facing the same challenges. The page started growing into an amazing community of GERD sufferers who can share in both the difficulties and triumphs of healing. Eventually, I created a food blog, so that readers could easily search for and access recipes.



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A few random facts about me:


  • I was born & raised in Idaho
  • My interests include creating recipes, hiking, camping, yoga, and DIY projects
  • Favorite movies: Star Wars (the classic trilogy and Rogue One are my all-time faves) and The Princess Bride
  • List-making is my jam
  • I have Celiac Disease and food allergies (also a food allergy mom). Because of that, all of the recipes on The GERD Chef are gluten, dairy, and soy free!
  • I’m married to my high school sweetheart who also happens to be the official taste tester  and #1 supporter of this page. Plus, he’s completely wrapped around this little one’s finger.



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Let’s get to know eachother! Leave a comment below and share a random fact or two about yourself!




Disclaimers: I am not a doctor and this post is not to be used as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult a doctor before starting a new diet or taking any new dietary supplements.

36 thoughts on “About”

  • Thank you for posting beautiful recipes & photos! I have celiac
    also lactose intolerant with some type of cheese & regular milk.
    Please continue posting your recipes-love them??!!

  • Hi! April shared this on FB – I am a GERD sufferer….had a hiatal hernia repair surgery about 5 years ago, lately having heartburn issues again. Not a fan of the anti-acid meds just masking symptoms. Also, developed an egg allergy after the surgery, so have had to reflect on diet and eating habits. Really excited to start following your blog and recipes!

    • Thanks for your comment, Julie! I’m with you there on not being a fan of acid-reducers. I’m thankful for them initially while my body heals, but I don’t want to have to rely on them just so they can partially cover up symptoms. I hope that you can find inspiration from this page while healing!

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to create this page! I was just diagnosed with LPR and I’m trying so hard to find recipes everyone in my family will enjoy.

  • Hi, I just got my GERD diagnosis on Friday, yet I was already following you, and now I am even more glad to have these recipes – because they’re also allergy free, along with your insightful comments! Do all doctors just hand you a script and tell you to come back in 30-days?! lol… this sight is helping me so much! Thank you! You are a beautiful person and a beautiful family!

    • Hi Amy!

      Your comment seriously made my day! I’m SO happy to hear that you are enjoying the site. My doctor pretty said the same thing, minus mentioning a follow-up or weaning off of the medication eventually. Thankfully there is hope for healing with diet change and lots of us that are healing to support each other. Thank you for your sweet words and your support – can’t wait to share new recipes and more soon!

  • Hi Amy!

    Thank you for sharing your story. I myself am currently struggling with LPR/Gerd. I have visited many different doctors and have not had any improvements. Until now I just recently found out I’m lactose intolerant and possibly have a parasitic infection. I’m debating whether medications will be good or not. I’m curious to know how your healing process was like?

  • I was just diagnosed with LPR this past Thursday. Your food recipes are for GERD which is not quite the same as LPR! Are these recipes good for LPR sufferers also? I have Crohn’s Disease and I am lactose intolerant.

    • Hi Catherine!

      I had LPR symptoms as well, so my recipes are created with GERD/LPR sufferers in mind (I use The Fast Tract Diet as a guideline). That being said, what foods one can tolerate may vary, as our bodies are unique. For example, some people do okay with lemon juice in recipes, while others may have to wait until healing has progressed before introducing it. It can be helpful to keep a food journal to jot down foods that you notice triggering symptoms. If lemon juice does bother you and you see it in a recipe, simply omit and adapt that recipe to suit your needs.

      I hope you can find some recipe inspiration here! 🙂

      • Hi, I have had GERD for a long time I really believe it started getting worse after my don died 14 years ago and in the last few years both of my parents, anyway it doesn’t seem to matter what I eat it bothers me , I find the awd diet by dr avid way to detailed there are so many things I can’t eat on it and ingredients I can’t find. So thank you for sharing your recipes and tips with all of us sufferers

  • I have LPR. With help from my doctor and books by dr. Kaufman, I’ve been able to get to a point where I am not coughing all the time but it sucks! I am only 33 and dont want to have to live like this the rest of my life. None of my friends really understand either. I am so thankful to find your blog while researching for tomato free pasta sauce!

    • Hi Amanda,

      Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to comment! LPR is SO tough, so I’m glad you’ve found a some relief with the coughing using the Dropping Acid Diet. It can be discouraging for sure, I empathize with you on that. Honestly, the only people I talk with who “get it” are people I engage with on here. Just know you definitely aren’t alone. Also, if you ever feel like eating low acid isn’t cutting it, Fast Tract Diet may be worth considering 🙂 It helped reduce my bloating and pressure on my esophagus immensely. Wishing you the best in healing and hope you enjoy the pasta sauce!

  • Hi Chaunte! I found your recipe for turmeric rice (I had no idea jasmine was the most easily digested!) which then snowballed into me falling in love with your site! I can’t wait to try your recipes! Making the rice tonight 🙂 I am 32 and have been living with GERD my whole life (plus related GI & dental issues), and have finally come to a point where I realize that I have to be much stricter with my diet if I want to reduce my chances for worse problems developing. Your recipes are going to be so helpful! Much love to you and your family!

    • Hi Caroline,

      Thank you SO much for taking the time to try out the turmeric-coconut rice recipe and also for just stopping by my blog! Your kind words are appreciated so much. I can relate to a lot of what you shared and my heart goes out to you! I hope you enjoyed the rice and I’m looking forward to sharing more tasty recipes with you 🙂

  • I am beyond thrilled to have stumbled across one of your recipes. I was officially diagnosed with GERD just over a year ago and they are still trying to figure out what else is wrong. The specialist told me he didn’t think any of my lower digestive symptoms were food related and that blew my mind, then I lost all (of what little) confidence I had in him. It has been so hard trying to figure out what my body will or won’t tolerate and how to modify my favorites to fit that. I am extremely thankful and excited to have found this site!

  • Hi Chaunte!

    Thank you for creating this website. I am excited to try your recipes. I was recently diagnosed with Barrett’s Esophagus and pre-diabetes. It’s been hard to separate myself from all of my favorite foods. And it’s been trial and error in regards to figuring out what sets off my acid episodes. Even some “GERD” friendly foods like broccoli do not agree with me.

    Thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself, too. I also like the Stars Wars classic trilogy and Rogue One! I thought Rogue One was so well done. My husband and daughter love every one of the Star Wars movies but the three of us were addicted to The Mandalorian.

    Take care and thank you again!

    Renee ☺️

  • So glad to have found this page. I have been suffering for a few years now, but the last 18 months have been terrible, my acid reflux has been so bad that on occasion I would wake unable to breath and gasping for air for what seemed like an eternity, then it started to happen during the day at anytime. A few days ago I woke with burning mouth and it just got worse, I tried a few home remedies and yesterday I decided to see my doctor who has prescribed Somac, in the past I refused to take any prescription drugs and I still havent taken this one, but feel I might have too even if its short term just to get on top of this, I have been chewing DGL tablets and taking an over the counter antacid with very little relief. I am now following you on Instagram and Facebook and have signed up for your newsletters. So heres hoping I can totally change my lifestyle ( I have already eliminated a lot of foods over the last few months ) By the way, I love pasta and tomato sauces, so sad I had to give them up but will try your recipe. Many thanks for your help now and in the future.

  • This blog is truly a God send! I have had a random cough and very tight throat for a few years, slowly getting worse and making me worried that something was seriously wrong. Just a few months ago, my sister suggested that I might be dealing with acid reflux… What?! I’ve never had the classic “burn” that’s associated with it. But after reading a book by Dr. Jonathan Aviv and going to my ENT doctor, it’s exactly what I have. Although the book has several recipes at the end, they are pretty bland and they are only meant for 1 serving…. I’ve got a husband and 5 kids, so it was really stressing me out trying to cook for them and me. Like the Amanda in the last comment, I am only 32 and don’t want to live like this the rest of my life. Just tonight, I was looking for a pasta sauce that was non tomato based and I came across your blog and I am so happy I did…. I’m hoping I can now make healthy recipes that comply to my diet and that the rest of the family can eat too! Thanks for taking the time and energy to help others out ❤️

  • I am so glad to have stumbled across your blog! I have very bad Acid Reflux along with dairy intolerance and celiac UGH! As you know the doctors only want to give you more medicine. The problem with the PPI’s (Proton Pump Inhibitors) commonly prescribed for Reflux is not meant to take long term and in fact can eventually make matters worse. People are led to believe that if they take a drug for this then they are safe from further damage but NOT true! Acid Reflux is a progressive disease. My last visit to my GI doctor finally pushed me over the edge when he told me to double up on my medicine and also add 2 Pepcid-AC before bed. He never mentioned one thing about diet. I already have the attitude of “Let food be Thy medicine” from years of dealing with other digestive disorders. After that doctors visit I went out and bought The Acid Watcher Diet book from Dr. Johnathan Aviv. This book helped me tremendously but after one month of strictly following the diet I am feeling so much better and now need new recipes to try so I made your recipe for turkey burgers last night and oh WOW! they were delicious and I had no digestive upset! Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your story and recipes and I look forward to trying ALL the recipes on your blog…

    • YES! I have experienced this, and what is described as “Wet Gerd”. Its a horribly painful experience, and I sympathize with you.

  • I have recently been experiencing issues with GERD due to a bacterial infection that caused Gastritis , I feel completely overwhelmed with all of the dietary information as it’s so conflicting I am in the healing process just now and trying to stick to a bland diet , your blog gives me hope that I can return to some natural delicious food as I have never had any reflux issues before this infection so it’s a whole new world for me . Thank you for sharing these wonderful recipes look forward to trying them . I may also look into the fast track diet book for info too ,

  • Hi! I’m obsessed with your blog, thank you for sharing!!
    I was recently diagnosed with GERD and I’m finding it so hard to accept and make changes.
    But I’m so happy I ended up here!
    Take care

  • Hi! I was just recently diagnosed with GERD about a month ago. I have probably had it for a long time though not realizing it. It’s played a major role in panic attacks and was really aggravated after a very stressful year (as I am sure it has been for most). l started omeprazole and Pepcid AC this past summer which provided very little relief until I started doing some of my own research and making significant changes to my diet. I have two amazing little girls, (which looking back I now realize that I had severe GERD symptoms during both of my pregnancies that my doctors ignored and mistook for morning sickness). Like you, I feel I was given very little direction on how to manage this , so I am very excited to start using your BLOG as a resource for recipes!

  • Hello Chaunte,
    Just came across your site as I am researching recipes for GERD/silent reflux . I have been dealing with this all of my life, but was officially diagnosed about 15 years ago. I have several food allergies (lots of allergies), asthma and kidney stones. I am trying to find a balance between all three. Looking forward to trying out some of your recipes and website! Thank you!

  • Hello Chaunté,

    I have been suffering in silence for about 6 years now. I was young when I received the diagnosis, and didn’t pay any mind to it. I was under the assumption that – “If I take this medication when I need to, everything will be fine”….
    After 6 years, trips to the ER, and discovering that medication alone isn’t going to cut it anymore, I have come to your blog. Recently, my partner has begun to feel symptoms of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (Gerd). I’m having anxiety now, thinking “what if my carelessness has made them the same as I am? Can I willingly put them through this as well, knowing how it’s affecting me?” I needed to re-access my attitude about this, and take this more seriously.
    I want to reach out and say THANK YOU. I’ve been struggling with how to manage, with all of these extreme dietary changes. The list of omittance in regards to my normal eating habits is LONGG… and that made me emotional. Seeing that there are ways to enjoy some of the things you love about food, without too much compromise, makes me feel more confident about this decision. Changes need to happen, and I’m fortunate to have found this blog.
    So again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

  • Hi. I have a condition similar to GERD. It’s LMP or something. I don’t have pain but do have a lot of acid that comes up from my stomach to my esophagus because the muscle between the two softens and isn’t tight enough. This started during my third week of COVID over a year ago. I would appreciate your adding me to your blog distribution list. Factoids: I live in Colorado’s Front Range where the weather is dry; I’m 65 yo; disappointed that my diet is so bland and I still haven’t beat this; hopeful that your blog will help me in both counts. Take care.

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