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Here at The Gerd Chef, we understand how much your health means to you and we get how frustrating it can be when health issues keep you from living your life normally. Acid reflux is so limiting. It can keep you from eating the foods you love, it can keep you from getting the kind of sleep you need, and it can even affect your breathing.

This book is a powerful resource that will give you key insights into why you’re struggling with acid reflux and simple steps to reduce it.

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We created this ebook because we wanted to offer you as much help as possible. The journey to wellness can be slow and sometimes discouraging. We believe in your ability to make changes that optimize your health and we want to advocate for you all along the way. You have such an important story to live- a story full of purpose, connection, and fun. We don’t want you to miss out on any of it. Change your health, change your story.