3 Reasons to Try Something New

3 Reasons to Try Something New

Routines feel good. There is something inside each of us that wants to know what to do and what comes next. It’s the first question out of my children’s mouths every. single. morning. “What are we doing today?” 


Knowing what’s happening makes us feel comfortable and in control. It helps us create a stable daily life. Waking up to your favorite cup of  ‘coffee’, sitting in the same spot at dinner each evening, watching a favorite tv show at night, and yet, sometimes shaking it up is the best way to start healing.

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How Can Trying New Things Help GERD? 


According to recent research, stress is a significant trigger for heartburn. A recent study, published in Internal Medicine, interviewed 12,653 people with GERD and found that nearly half reported stress as the biggest factor that worsened symptoms, even when on medication. 


Adopting coping techniques for managing stress in your life is key to helping you on your journey of healing GERD. The better you deal with stress, the better you’ll feel. 


There are serious health benefits to be gained by mixing it up: creatively, mentally, and physically. Learning something new adds to your skill set and knowledge, and helps you develop feelings of confidence and growth, which can alleviate feelings of stress. 


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Here are 3 reasons to try something new

  1. It slows down time.


Who hasn’t at some point said to themselves (or more likely written it on an Instagram post ) “I wish time would just slow down.” Well, here’s your chance to make it happen. 


When you experience something novel, it seems to have lasted longer, according to neuroscientist David Eagleman, Ph.D.,  “Time is this rubbery thing…it stretches out when you really turn your brain resources on, and when you say, ‘Oh, I got this, everything is as expected,’ it shrinks up,” says Eagleman. 


So, how can you really take control of your time? Do something new! Try a new workout, sport, or activity.  Take up knitting, join a community theatre,  or learn a new language. To lengthen your weekend hours, try exploring a new hiking spot, finding a new healthy restaurant, or playing a new game. Just do anything you’ve never done before and enjoy the extra time you’ve created!


  1. Stimulates the Brain


As humans, we are exceptional at two things: learning and adapting. Our bodies do it every day without us even noticing. We get a bruise, our body goes to work cleaning up the spill. We start a new workout and barely survive, but our body quickly learns how to be more efficient and we adjust to the push. Our bodies can acclimate to temperature, time zones, and altitudes. Basically, our bodies adjust, acclimate and finally, settle into a routine.


When you try something new you are essentially forcing your brain and body to very quickly make sense of an entirely new set of circumstances, and then figure out how to accommodate those circumstances best.


So, if you decide to try your hand at drawing, your brain is working in an entirely unique way. It’s tapping into our bodies’ innate creativity and finding a new path to succeed. You are training your body and mind to think outside the box each time you try something new!


  1. Releases Fear


Probably the number one reason for not trying something new is fear. Fear creates questions we don’t have the answers to. It’s our reaction to the unknown and it cripples us from moving forward. 


Trying new things is the very best way to overcome the power of fear in our lives. As you practice, fear is pushed to the back and your true self takes over. It’s a confidence boost! And the more confidence you have the happier you are with yourself and the more you can enjoy all that life has to offer!


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Whatever you decide to pursue you will come out of trying new things happier, more joy-filled, and excited about life. And who knows what adventures, opportunities, and pleasures will come your way!


So, go for it! Take a few minutes to jot down some things you’ve always wanted to learn, skills you one day hoped to develop, or adventures you hoped to take. Now is the time to reframe the stressful situation of dealing with GERD and instead turn it into a learning opportunity.  It’s all part of the healing journey!


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